Microsoft Excel not responding, freezes or stops working

By Elias achkar
Microsoft Excel not responding, freezes or stops working

The first thing to check if Microsoft excel not responding: Install the latest updates

The first thing you must check when Microsoft excel not responding is the availability of any update to install, follow the steps in this article: Update Office and your computer.

5 steps to repair your Office programs if Microsoft excel not responding

Repairing your Office programs can resolve issues with Excel not responding, freezing by automatically repairing errors in Office files.

To repair your office follow the below steps

  1. Click on start
  2. search for control panel
  3. Click on programs and features
  4. select Microsoft office
  5. right-click and select the repair button
    • repair offline (this will repair the office from the existing installation files
    • repair online (this will repair the office from office online source and will take more time.)

Investigate possible issues with add-ins

Add-ins can occasionally interfere with Excel. Try to start Excel without add-ins to see if the problem occur again

Do the following:

  1. If you are running Windows 10, click on start and R then type Excel/safe then click OK.
  2. If the issue is resolved, click File > Options > Add-ins.
  3. Select COM Add-ins, and click Go.
  4. Clear all the checkboxes in the list, and click OK.
  5. Close and restart Excel.

If the issue does not occur when you restart Excel, start troubleshooting the add-ins by enabling them one at a time until the issue occurs.

If these steps do not resolve your issue, please share with us the problem and we will do our best to solve it.

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