How to limit bandwidth consumption using QoS (group policy)

By Elias achkar
How to limit bandwidth consumption

Limit the bandwidth consumption and take control of your Network

The bandwidth limitation is critical when you have high traffic in a limited connection environment that’s why we always try our best to benefit from all the options available. Want to know more about how to limit the bandwidth consumption of your network? Follow this step-by-step tutorial and leave us your questions in the comment section.

Here are 8 easy steps to limit the bandwidth consumption for any website, application, or agent in windows using QoS (group policy)

1. Click on start and search for group policy management
2. Navigate to computer configuration -> policies-> windows settings-> policy-based QoS
3. Right-click the Policy-based QoS object and select the option: Create New Policy
4. On the new screen, you need to perform the following configuration:

• Policy Name: “name of the policy”
• Specify DSCP Value – NO
• Specify Outbound Throttle Rate: “number of kbps” example:”50 kbps”

5. If you want to use Qos for all applications select all applications else you can specify an application or a URL
6. On the next page you can specify the source and the destination IP address
7. Now you need to specify the type of communication that must have the bandwidth limitation
8. Then click on finish and close to save the changes and apply the group policy

Once you finish these 8 steps to limit the bandwidth consumption, all requests sent from the selected application or to a selected website will be limited.

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